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12 Jan 2011
WITH regard to Councillor Bowies' letter, I'm still waiting for a response to the questions I've asked the council.

As he knows, planning consent on the Stones Farm development is conditional on 15 hectares being set aside in perpetuity as recorded in the planning inspector's report, which is binding.

For this land to be available for a future Section 106 agreement, the council has set a planning condition that it knows will be breached.

For the record, I received no invitation to meet the head of planning services during the consultation period. I did, however, receive an invitation, by e-mail, via Cllr Bowles on December 16 and the meeting was scheduled for January 10.

Residents wanting support to participate in planning matters might like to know that Planning Aid has said it can offer training to groups of people up to the end of March, when it closes as a result of government funding cuts. It says it asks only for a donation towards travel costs.

Bapchild is threatened with a further 5,000 houses, so we need all the help we can get. I hope residents will receive a better service from council planners this time.

Kay Murphy

Published in East Kent Gazette