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12 Jan 2011

COUNCILLOR Bowies' rebuke of the views expressed by Mrs Kay Murphy talks at length about being responsive, weighing up arguments and following legal requirements before reaching planning decisions.

However, it doesn't mention the primary point of concern that Swale Council was unable, or unwilling, to
provide answers to some of Mrs Murphy's questions during the consultation period.

I would also note that Mrs Murphy was not the only resident who was informed that an answer could not be provided until after the consultation had ended.

According to residents, this hindered their ability to respond properly, which hardly adheres with views expressed by Cllr Bowles that "the council be responsive to public concerns".

In terms of weighing up the arguments, it is worth noting that in the case of this particular consultation, 99 separate key points were raised during the consultation, of which 82 were entirely disregarded.

And finally on the point of observing national policy guidance and the Local Plan, it remains the Parish Council’s view that unless the final document is duly amended that the Council will have acted unlawfully in not following that very same guidance.

Andy Hudson
Chairman, Bapchild Parish Council