How quick they forget

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10 Apr 2010
Isn’t it wonderful how members of our caring local government have valiantly come running to the rescue of the poor unfortunate rail commuters who now have to endure the misery of reduced services to the primary train terminus, all for the sake of an ill conceived high speed service?

But wait, are these not the very same organisations who back in February 2006 not only subsequently approved but lauded the schemes ambitions as highly desirable.

Swale’s own Transport Strategy at the time stated

“As indicated within the SRA Service Specification for the new Integrated Kent Franchise this would be to the detriment of current services to Victoria and Cannon Street.”

Bapchild Parish Council along with a few other parishes objected during the consultation phase stating

“We are not convinced that the direct link between Faversham and Sittingbourne to St Pancras Station will be as well received as you obviously believe it will be.”

“The loss of services to Victoria and in particular Cannon Street will not prove popular and create unacceptable levels of overcrowding.”

“This isn’t a case of creating more options with a high speed service to London, but one of removing existing choices and replacing them with a higher priced service which will warrant additional journeys on the tube.”

However as is frequently the case our opinion counted for little and scheme was pushed through regardless.

You can read both our response and the draft consultation document using the related links on the left hand side of the page.