Who are you voting for on Thursday?

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02 May 2011
I wasn’t going to add anything to the site with regards to the elections on Thursday, but as a few people have enquired as to my personal views on the matter, I've changed my mind. Now you must understand that I’m entirely biased as I signed Monique’s nomination form and helped get her elected in the first place, but if you’re still reading I shall continue.
Contrary to the views expressed by the only other candidate Mike Whiting who lives on the other side of town in Bobbing, an independent councillor not only has the power to change things, but with no political line to follow is free to say and do as they like. I know that Monique is very outspoken and has made a huge impact during the last few years, in fact so much so that the Tory’s are desperate to get rid of her. It isn’t often that the local MP, leader of the Council and half the cabinet turn up to electioneer on behalf of a candidate and certainly not one where the opposition is apparently not a threat in the first place.
I would also point out that Mike Whiting is indeed a very pleasant individual, although I’d never heard of him until a couple of months ago and whilst he turned up on the recent protest march against the Kent Science park, where was he last time or at any point between?

Whilst expressing certain views with regards to the Kent Science Park he is in conflict with his own party and therefore it is difficult to understand how he can be better placed to argue this issue than Monique whom has spent seven years campaigning on the subject.

Mike does support the completion of the Northern Relief Road and as chair of the Joint Transportation Board just agreed to add in the A2/M2 link as the necessary mitigation even though KCC cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development Cllr Kevin Lynes has made it clear that KCC Highways Department has already dismissed the very notion that this will solve the problems created by completing the road.

The current Conservative cabinet landed Bapchild with the selection of Stones Farm as a suitable site to take forward for development without any public consultation. Andrew Bowles leader of Swale Council has also recent expressed his opinion that we should build the maximum amount of housing possible including a further 2,000 in Bapchild.

Monique may not have sought the press coverage for her activities that Mike has recently done, but rest assured she just gets on with the job in hand. Since Monique has been a Councillor Bapchild Parish Council have remained informed, had a voice at Swale Council and fought our corner at every opportunity.

I hope that you will at least consider your choice carefully.

Regards Andy Hudson