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18 Jun 2021

                                                      Great Big Green Week

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What is Great Big Green Week?
GBGW has been set up by The Climate Coalition as a national week of events celebrating action on climate change. In September 2021, communities across the country will join together for the Great Big Green Week. It will be the biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK, and everyone’s invited!

Thousands of events will celebrate how communities are taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces and encourage others to get involved too. This is a great opportunity to get your members and the local community talking about climate change, and the action that can be taken against the Climate and Ecological Emergency, especially with COP26 (UN conference of parties on climate change) summit being held in Glasgow this November.

When is it?
GBGW runs between 18th – 26th September 2021. You can host your event anytime between these dates.

Why should we support GBGW?
In 2019, Swale Borough Council declared a climate and ecological emergency, committing to reach net-zero carbon emissions across the borough by 2030. This will require the cooperation of every sector, including every one of us having to make changes to the way we live.

To spread the message about the climate emergency (and what can be done to slow it down), we are asking community groups to hold events and grow this important conversation.

What sort of event could we hold?
Across the country, events will include art installations, concerts, community stalls, climate cafes, and everything in between; and hosted by teachers, bus drivers, sport clubs, artists, community groups, places of worship, builders, and anyone who cares about climate change.

These events could be just for your staff or organisation members, or open to the public.

Events you could arrange include:

A Climate Cafe
?Invite colleagues, service users or members of the public to an informal chat about the climate and ecological emergency. With the lure of coffee and cake, you can hear about what people are doing at home already, make new suggestions and learn from each other.

Hosting a green film screening (

Run a climate-based quiz at your next zoom meeting.

Organising a litter pick.

Sprucing up your gardens or open space with wildflowers and plants for pollinators.

Collecting messages, photos, poems and artwork
?Give everyone a chance to have their say, with art works collected and displayed to help get your message across.

Hold a clothes or ‘stuff’ swap
?We’ve all got things around the house that we just don’t need anymore, or good quality clothes that just aren’t your style. ‘One man’s rubbish is another’s treasure’ – hosting a swap is a great way to prevent items going to landfill and save the resources needed to create new items.

Arts and crafts day with natural or recycled items
?If you’re working with children, arts and crafts using recycled materials is a great way to get them thinking about where their rubbish goes and what else it could be used for. You could also try collecting items from your local green spaces to create a masterpiece while getting in touch with nature.

Or any other great ideas you might come up with.

What support can SBC provide?
Swale Borough Council will act as a community hub to celebrate and promote local activity, raise the profile of climate change, and show why it is relevant to your community and local decision makers.

We are sure there are some keen green members of your organisation that might be interested in hosting a GBGW event. However, if not, our Climate Project Officer can provide training about the climate crisis. Swale Friends of the Earth may also be able to attend your event to share their expertise.

Funding application advice:
GBGW are looking to fund single events held by community organisations that focus on engaging residents, groups, businesses, and communities with information on the climate and ecological emergency.

Grants of £50 - £500 are available for application. This should include all setup and delivery costs involved in the single event.

On the application form, GBGW ask that applicants mark the type of project that their event most corresponds to. This will more than likely be one or more of the following: new activity, political impact, creativity and profile, and/or project linked to a registered organisation.

Sections of the application form provide italicised text that advises on how you may wish to approach applying to the GBGW fund. This is purely for information and may not correlate with how you wish to approach the funding application.

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18th June 2021