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10 Sep 2021

                                                      Great Big Green Week

What is Great Big Green Week?
GBGW has been set up by The Climate Coalition as a national week of events celebrating action on climate change. In September 2021, communities across the country will join together for the Great Big Green Week. It will be the biggest event for climate and nature ever in the UK, and everyone’s invited!

Thousands of events will celebrate how communities are taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces and encourage others to get involved too. This is a great opportunity to get your members and the local community talking about climate change, and the action that can be taken against the Climate and Ecological Emergency, especially with COP26 (UN conference of parties on climate change) summit being held in Glasgow this November.

When is it?
GBGW runs between 18th – 26th September 2021. Events will be hosted any time between these dates.

Why should we support GBGW?
In 2019, Swale Borough Council declared a climate and ecological emergency, committing to reach net-zero carbon emissions across the borough by 2030. This will require the cooperation of every sector, including every one of us having to make changes to the way we live.

To spread the message about the climate emergency (and what can be done to slow it down), we are asking community groups to hold events and grow this important conversation.

A range of community groups and organisations have been supported by Swale to host events for local residents across the week.  People can attend any of the 27 events including exhibitions, roadshows, litter picks, workshops, awareness days and painting starting on Saturday 18th September.

This includes roadshows in Faversham, Sittingbourne and Sheerness throughout the week, with 150 free pollinator-friendly plants to give away and lots of fun events around the borough.  

The best way to find out information about each event and how to get involved is via


Parish Clerk 10th September 2021