Bus Shelter Refurbishment Summer 2022

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25 Aug 2022

BAPCHILD PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                               AUGUST 2022


We are pleased to announce the completion of the refurbishment of our village bus shelter.  This project was achieved via a combination of funding by Bapchild Parish Council, contribution from Kent County Councillor Rich Lehmann’s Combined Member Grant Scheme, together with a donation from Hyde Housing.    

Replacement Panels were installed and the framework was re-painted.

This has certainly given our bus shelter a new lease of life.  Thank you, County Councillor Lehmann and Hyde Housing for assisting us with this project.

A poster is attached which shows photographs of the newly refurbished shelter.  This poster will also be displayed on the village noticeboard.

Poster Announcing Bus Shelter Refurbishment Completed August 2022.pdf

Liz Cruise, Parish Clerk

25th August 2022