Extraction of Brickearth

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24 Jun 2005

brickearth2Bapchild Parish Council have been given notice by Ibstock Brick Limited of their intention to carry out the 2005 programme of Brickearth Extraction works, starting on Monday 18th July.

It is understood that site preparation work consisting of the extension of the internal haul road and the erection of screening will take place prior to this date.

Panteny LaneIbstock Brick Limited have also requested for the temporary closure of footpath ZR194 and suggested that the works will last for an equivalent period of 4 weeks. Excavation may only take place during dry conditions.

The parish council will be examining one or two points, especially the closure of the footpath, which we understand to be against the terms of their planning consent.

The planning consent details the following requirements: -  

  • The work must be completed and the site restored no later than 31st October 2013. 
  • All loaded lorries leaving the site shall be sheeted. 
  • No more than 100 lorries associated with the development shall enter the site and no more than 100 lorries associated with the development shall exit the site during any one day. 
  • No operations shall take place on the site except between 0700 and 1800 hours Monday to Friday and 0700 to 1300 hours on Saturday; no operations shall take place on Saturday afternoon, Sunday or Bank Holidays 
  • Extraction and removal of brickearth is only permitted to take place for a four week period in any one calendar year between the months of May to September. 
  • Bapchild Parish Council shall be given two weeks prior written notice of the intended working periods each year. This has not been provided at the time of writing. 
  • An archaeological field evaluation must have taken place before work can commence. 
  • The public footpath ZR194 can not be obstructed by the development 
  • Reasonable precautions must be made to prevent entrance to the site by unauthorised persons, at all times and in particular from October through to April.