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06 Nov 2004
Today, the 6th November marks our first birthday. The site launched at the Bapchild village information evening last year has seen a good steady rate of growth and has gone on to win the Information Technology Award in the Calor Kent Village of the Year 2004 competition as well as receiving a commendation from the National Association of Local Councils in the Website of the Year category of the Local Council Review and Co-operative Bank Communication Awards 2004.

calor 2It has proven to be more successful than I had hoped for and all the hard work in producing and maintaining this site seems so much more worthwhile in retrospect.  I’d like to thank all the people who have helped out and those who continue to use the site, for without your support there really wouldn’t be a site in the first place.

I hope that we can continue to offer information, news and events in the timely manor that we been able to do so, and surprise you all with new and exciting things to come.

Working towards standards compliance

BobbyWe have been busy working on standards compliance for the site and are already some way towards making this a fully accessible site. Most pages on the site have now obtained a triple A Bobby rating (the highest standard obtainable) but there are still some pages to more to bring into line, until we are officially compliant. We are close to gaining compliance in a number of other areas too, and by the time we have finished we will be more compliant than even our Borough Council website.

How are we doing?

It has been interesting to see what’s been popular and what hasn’t over a reason period of time and there have been some surprises along the way. We have not bothered with usual web stats reporting as its an endless task to get meaningful results from a CMS type site, but we have kept some rudimentary data on usage, mainly to track the popularity of pages within the site.

The following graph represents the number of page impressions per month, which as you can see has a good steady growth rate.

Page Graph

The following graph represents the number of users per month and in conjunction with the above we can for example say that during September an average of 237 pages per day were viewed by an average of 16 people. What makes this exceptionally good for a small site such as ours, as this equates to an average of 15 pages per person per visit.

User Graph

Believe me a good deal of major sites would be happy with a ratio such as that, it demonstrates that those that do visit the site are spending a reasonable amount of time looking round once they get here.

Although we have come a long way there is still so much more than we can do to make this site even better, so if you have any ideas to contribute on how we can improve the site please do get in touch.

Andy Hudson