Stink causes Bank Holiday misery for Bapchild

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31 Aug 2009
I have been approached by quite a few residents this weekend with regards to the unbearable smells which are thought to originate from the spreading of the muck heaps along church road towards Rodmersham, although this has not been officially confirmed yet.

Most residents who have lived in the village for considerable lengths of time and are perfectly at ease with the odours that one might expect when living in the countryside have said that the recent series of muck spreading incidents have been totally unacceptable.

The complaints started in July when I can recall a rather uncomfortable sports day at Bapchild school. I have been informed by three different people that this was due to muck spreading on land between Hempstead Farm and the Cricket Club.

The second time the environment agency cited that a farm in Bredgar was responsible and now once again it looks very much as though G.H. Dean & Co. Ltd owned by local farming family the Doubleday’s is responsible.

Whether or not these activities are legal, it has provoked intense anger that the most recent occurrence happen to coincide with the Bank Holiday weekend which I’m told by several residents has totally ruined their weekend.

I understand that Derek Wyatt is to chair a meeting between The Environment Agency, Swale BC and the National Farmers Union. However quite how successful this will be when two of the last three incidents have been attributed to a farmer who is a senior player in the National Farmers Union remains to be seen.