Call to action as Parish Council start petition about the odours

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25 Oct 2009
Following the rather disappointing response to complaints about the odours by Swale Borough Council’s environmental department, the Parish Council have decided to start a petition to record resident’s views following the worst year on record for odours.

The petition is not an attack on farmers or their right to muck spread, but to raise questions about the materials that were used here in Bapchild and to encourage Swale Borough Council to accept that there has been a specific problem in Bapchild and that people have complained.

The wording on the petition is as follows: -

We the undersigned consider the odours originating from muck spreading on farms in and around Bapchild to be an unacceptable public nuisance irrespective of the material being used. We demand that action be taken by Swale Borough Council to address complaints when raised and prevent reoccurrences by banning the future use of any materials found to be unacceptable.

Bapchild Parish Council is particularly concerned about the number of residents who have raised objections and were told by Swale Borough Council that they were the only ones who had complained.

Then in direct contrast to the above statements the council officials who spoke with some residents have made comments to the effect of “Oh not another person from Bapchild, you lot are always complaining about everything” which residents have quite rightly found offensive and very unhelpful.

The petition had already gained a healthy 250 signatures and I apologise if I have not been round to visit you yet, perhaps you were out perhaps I have not started on your street yet, but I’ll be calling on you soon.

Andy Hudson
Chairman, Bapchild Parish Council