Bad weather causes backlog with bin collections

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22 Dec 2009
Apparently the weather has caused problems with the bin collections over the last few days and has resulted in a backlog.

Swale Borough Council have said

“Conditions have not improved as we would have hoped so we are now having to switch to double collections which effectively means that if we have not managed to clear your waste then you will not receive a collection until the next due collection day, but we will collect side waste to compensate for the ‘missing’ collection.”

“The reasons for not collecting the outstanding waste is that many pavements, back roads, housing estates are still suffering from frozen ice. Even if this ice disappears overnight, and the forecast says otherwise, we will not be in a position to be able to just clear things at a drop of a hat.”

There is of course no reason to suppose that the bin collection won’t take place as planned on Christmas eve. However as our bin collections are already fortnightly it is less clear what is meant by the next collection day.