Indefensible scandalous waste of tax payers money as cabinet blows £7,568 on a meeting

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25 Sep 2011
On the 28th July this year it has been revealed that a cabinet away day at Hempstead House Hotel cost the tax payer a whopping £7,568. The seven members of the cabinet, who are all councillors elected by you and I and not employees of the Council were accompanied by a number of guests who are as yet undisclosed.

Councillor Bowles the leader of the Council has attempted to justify this by suggesting that “it was vital for cabinet members and senior officers to spend time away from other distractions so they could discuss important current issues and that the away days were part of the fabric of any highly effective organisation.”

How times have changed, once Councillors undertook their duties to serve their community and did this on an entirely voluntary basis, but in recent times with generous allowances that outstrip some people’s full time salaries, these positions have been sought by the professional politician.

We thought you'd like to know which Councillors make up the self appointed cabinet and how much each of them has received in the year 2010 to 2011 in their duties as both Swale and KCC Councillor where applicable. Some individuals were not members of the cabinet previously accounting for the lower renumerations. Remember these positions are part time and many Councillors hold a full time job in addition to their role as a Councillor.

Andrew Bowles Andrew Bowles
KCC and Swale Counciller
Gerry Lewin Gerry Lewin
Swale Councillor
John Wright John Wright
Swale Councillor
David Simmons David Simmons
Swale Councillor
Mike Cosgrove Mike Cosgrove
Swale Councillor
Derek Conway Derek Conway
Swale Councillor
Duncan Dewar-Whalley Duncan Dewar-Whalley
Swale Councillor