Road will be little relief for residents

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15 Jul 2012
I read with interest the letter from Beryl and Terry Parker in th recent edition of the Sittingbourne News Extra, who bemoan the lack of a completed Northern Relief Road. Whilst I have some sympathy for their position, they ought to be aware that the Council is still intent on completing this road. However before they breathe a sigh of relief they might want to consider the ramifications.

The A2 to the east of Sittingbourne will become severely congested as a direct result, affecting not just the residents of the villages and towns along this stretch of road but also anyone commuting or travelling into Sittingbourne from this direction.

It has been proposed that this congestion will discourage use of the A2 in favour of the A249 and M2, which correct me if I’m wrong, is an option that already exists.

Don’t believe me, this is a quote from Kent Highways

“The Northern Relief Road proposals will not tackle any existing congestion issues on the A2 further to the east of Sittingbourne and therefore, at times drivers will use the A249 and M2 despite the fact that in terms of mileage, it would be longer than the Northern Relief Road/A2 option as the journey time may be more attractive. Congestion can have the effect of creating an equilibrium with regard to route choice.”

Ultimately with a transport plan that seeks to create congestion as a matter of policy we’re all going to suffer.

Andy Hudson,
Chairman Bapchild Parish Council