Always plenty to do in Bapchild

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11 May 2014
It has been more than 10 years since the Parish Council launched this website and during that time a lot has changed in Bapchild and inevitably some aspects of the site have become dated.

However we have just revisited every activity in the community section of the site and found that whilst some activities are no longer available, new ones have replaced them and for now at least everything in this section of the site is bang up to date.

Perhaps there is something new here that you don’t know about and if you want to keep fit there is plenty to choose from. There are three different Pilates Classes, Fitsetps a fusion of ballroom and fitness , Bokwa, Line Dancing, Pole Fitness and coming in September Mindfulness Yoga.

So please do check out the communities page where we have listed out day by day everything that we are now aware of.