Fire victims plan action against farm

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10 Sep 2003
Victims of the Bapchild straw blaze are taking legal action against the farmer whose trailer caught fire.  A trailer load of straw caught light in the middle of Bapchild, on Friday 22nd August, damaging cars and houses along the A2.

No-one was injured, but the road had to be resurfaced and telephone lines were down for more than a week. Aaron Perks, of Bapchild Motoring World, claims the blaze cost him £250,000 in wrecked cars and lost business and he has consulted a solicitor to make a claim against farmer Peter Burden, whose company employs the driver and owns the tractor and trailer.

Neighbours whose property, were damaged in the fire are also making a separate claim. David Whent, who lives on the A2, said he suffered £5,000 damage to his garden wall, conifer hedge, shrubs and windows.

He added: “Some of us are making a claim for damages.” Peter Burden said he did not want to comment at this stage.

This article is used with the kind permission of The Gazette & Times