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03 Jan 2004
Hello and welcome to my brand new weekly column, where I’m going to attempt to provide some interesting alternatives to the material that you may otherwise hear on the telly or radio.

I’m quite passionate about a few things in life, but probably non more so than music. I love it and listen to it on a daily basis all day long if I can, much to the dismay of my wife, especially now as I work from home quite a bit.

I don’t posses any special ability musically and have no grounding on which to base my recommendations other than I know what I like and just maybe some of you out there might like it to.

I know full well that my recommendations won’t be to everybody’s taste and I make no excuses for this, however I will try to keep it varied and provide some real alternatives to the very limited play lists of the commercial radio stations and all those satellite channels that aren’t much better.

Anyway I do hope that you’ll stick with it as I’m sure that you’ll find something of interest as the weeks go by.

Have fun Andy Hudson