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Emergency closure at Panteny Lane, Bapchild on 5 October 2009

We have literally only just been informed the afternoon before the work starts that Panteny Lane will be closed between the junction of Church Lane to the junction with The Street for around 3 days.

Stink causes Bank Holiday misery for Bapchild

I have been approached by quite a few residents this weekend with regards to the unbearable smells which are thought to originate from the spreading of the muck heaps along church road towards Rodmersham, although this has not been officially confirmed yet.

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Banter from Science Park simply doesn’t add up

The Kent Science Park has been sold to us as a centre of excellence and high tech innovation but basic arithmetic certainly isn’t their forte.

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We can’t make our voice heard

It's certainly not an uncommonly held view point that public opinion is swiftly dispatched off to the darkest corners of the Local Authority where it lurks forever more in solitude. Most residents are so disillusioned that they would rather give up at the first fence than put up any opposition to defend their quality of life.

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The Thursday Club

We have been informed that The Thursday Club has been forced to close. For many years the members have enjoyed a wide variety of speakers in addition to trips out and meals in local public houses.

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Will the changes in train services effect you?

Back in February 2006 Swale Borough Council provided a public consultation on their Transport Policy. This included the proposed changes to the train timetable as a consequence of the new service to St Pancras.

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Swale fails environmental target

CPRE identifies Swale as the worst borough in the whole of the Thames Gateway for building on greenfield sites, with a only a meagre 52% of development on previously developed (‘brownfield’) sites.

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Kent Village of the Year 2006

Bapchild has been lucky enough to get through to the second round of the Kent Village of the Year competition in the Community and Business categories.

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Village Clean Up 2006

The village clean up day proved to be as popular as ever and we filled a couple of refuse freighters as well as the separate truck for metal goods

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Swale flouts Freedom of Information Act

Bapchild Parish Council has been forced to report Swale Borough Council to the Information Commissioner's Office after it failed to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act.

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