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Fire victims plan action against farm

Victims of the Bapchild straw blaze are taking legal action against the farmer whose trailer caught fire.

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Plans agreed despite protest

Plans to quarry brickearth from farm lane at Bapchild have been given approval despite protests...

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Crowds flock to see floral exotica

Hundreds of people descended on St Laurence's Church in Bapchild over the weekend to view their annual flower festival.

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Hay causes more disruption

Seven bails of hay blocked School Lane, Bapchild, for more than 20 minutes...

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Terror as straw trailer blaze threatens village

VILLAGERS were faced with a wall of flames after a blazing 30-ton load of straw left a trail of destruction in its wake.

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Collecting for our future

You’ve probably seen them, rain or shine collecting paper and cardboard every second Sunday in the month, but what’s it all about?

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