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Highway Improvement Plan

Since October 2020, Bapchild Parish Council Members have been working with the KCC Schemes Project Manager for Swale, together with County Councillor Rich Lehmann, on a Highway Improvement Plan (HIP) for Bapchild Village.  

Following our residents’ survey, we put forward the three most important issues affecting our village.  These were:

(1) Speeding through the village along the A2
(2) Parking and congestion along School Lane near the school
(3) HGV’s using Panteny Lane and School Lane

Our HIP is ongoing and we will continue to provide further updates.  This is an item which will remain on our Agenda for future Parish Council meetings.

The documents attached below provides updates on our HIP.


HIP Update November 2021.pdf

(uploaded 8 December 2021)

HIP Update January to May 2022.pdf

(uploaded 20 May 2022)

HIP Updates November 2022 to January 2023 .pdf

(uploaded 16 January 2023)


(Traffic Regulation Order Notification Document uploaded 16th January 2023)

HIP Update January 2023 to March 2024.pdf

(uploaded 4 April 2024)


Liz Cruise

Parish Clerk