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HOW TO REPORT ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR - If residents experience antisocial behaviour or witness any incidents, please report to the police via 101. There is also a live chat option via Kent police where you can report incidents

Update - June 2023 - Kent Police Beat Officer for West Downs is PC Kirsten Jones who can be contacted via email (see below for email address).

Her email address is:

My community voice poster.pdf

My Community Voice is a two-way engagement tool brought to you by Kent Police. Whether you live, work or socialise in Kent or Medway, My Community Voice provides real-time messages directly from our police officers, staff and volunteers, about matters that may affect you or your community.

Your voice is important to us and we want to hear what concerns or views you may have in the area that is important to you. You can also share messages with others or reply to our alerts if you have information to share.

From crime prevention advice, to the latest updates on scams, appeals or events – you control what information you receive and how you receive it, by email, text or voice message.

REPORT A CRIME - Report a non-urgent crime online

Talk on LiveChat - available 24/7

In emergency, if crime is in progress or life is in danger call 999

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use textphone service 18000. Or text on 999 if you've pre-registered with the emergency SMS service.

Bapchild Newsletters

October – February 2023

Crimes of note:
23/11/2022 – Scoones Close, Criminal Damage: Informant reported that he has noticed that his car has been vandalised. 2 front headlights cracked, front grill removed, daytime running light passenger side damaged and light removed, damage to number plate, towing eye has been removed and stolen and a scratch to the front bumper. Happened over night. Crime report created for theft from motor vehicle.

10/02/2023 – School Lane, Criminal Damage: 3 males damaging a motorbike with baseball bats. 1 male was assaulted due the incident. Patrols attended and spoke with victim, suspects have already left the scene prior to patrols arriving. House to House and CCTV enquiries conducted. Crime report for GBH.

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:

No other incidents of note.

September 2022

Information provided by: PCSO Katie Jordan    

Crimes of note:

The Street – Burglary – 01/09/2022: alarm going off inside premises and the side doors unlocked. Another shop next door was also broken into with muddy footprints. CSI attended for forensic opportunities.   

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:   

No incidents of note.

Bapchild August 2022
Information provided by: PCSO JORDAN Swale CSU
Crimes of note:

Canterbury Road 10/08/2022 – Fraud: Informant has been called on a withheld number and been informed that the person on the other end was from Hammersmith Police Station and was calling in relation to financial crime. The ‘officer’ stated they have the informant’s son (gave the correct name for the son) in custody and he was to dial 999. At this point the informant hung up the phone and dialled 999 on his mobile whereby he was put through to Kent Police. It is thought that this call was a scam and if the informant was to stay on the line with the scammers, they would ask for money to ‘release’ his son.

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:
No incidents of note.

June and July 2022 nothing to report.


Crimes of note - May 2022 

No crimes of note.

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:

22/05/2022 – Nuisance Vehicles, London Road
– Informant was reporting noise and excess speeding from motorbikes using the A2 during the weekend. Speed checks will be conducted.

I have been regularly the patrolling the area and there has been no crimes or incidents of note.

Crimes of note - April 2022

Vehicle Crime – Hempstead House, 08/04/2022 – Two vehicles had been damaged on two consecutive nights and their rear lights were removed. On one of the vehicles the bonnet looked as through it had been forced open with a tool.

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:
No other incidents of note. 

Crimes of note January - March 2022:

10/02/2022 – Randle Way – Suspicious event: Informant saw through his ring doorbell two people acting suspiciously on his drive way. They were looking through his car windows with a torch.
No Burglaries
No vehicle crimes
No other crimes of note

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:

09/02/2022 – Nuisance vehicles seen riding up and down Ashtead Drive. Group of 6 youths seen with the scooter. Vehicle left the area while informant was on the phone to the call taker.

Nothing else of note.

For more information about policing in our area, visit

This information will also be displayed in poster format on the village noticeboard outside Bapchild Village Hall.

Parish Clerk