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Information provided by: PCSO Lewis RIGDEN, Swale CSU

Crimes of note:
No criminal offences affecting the public at large have been reported in Bapchild this month. December 2020. I am happy to announce that no offences concerning the public at large were reported in December 2020. Again, I am happy to announce that no instance of anti-social behaviour against the public at large have been reported in December.

January 2021

Crimes of note:

There have been no incidents affecting the public at large in Bapchild this month.

Anti-Social behaviour and other incidents of note:

There have been a few reports of vehicle parking in the Village Hall Car Park and drinking, littering, using Nitrous Oxide cannisters and generally acting in an antisocial manner.  I am aware of this and have been visiting the car park in the evenings.  If anyone finds groups of people in the car park that shouldn't be there then please report it to me either via your Parish Clerk, 101 or online at the Kent Police website.  Any significant criminal behaviour such as drink driving should be reported via 999.

Items of good work:

As above, the level of crime in Bapchild this month has been very low.  There was a grand total of 5 calls made to us, 2 of which were non injury collisions.  None were public facing offences.

Updates of previous reported issues:

Electric Scooters - In recent months there has been a large increase in the number of electric scooters being used on the public road and footpaths.  At this time, it is only legal for these scooters to be used on private property.  I have attached a guidance leaflet to the bottom of this newsletter so that people can familiarise themselves with the rules surrounding their use.  Please excuse the formatting, the leaflet is intended to be handed to someone who has been stopped by Police whilst on a scooter.

e-scooters – know the law

We stopped you today because although e-scooters can be great fun, it’s against the law to ride one on a public road, cycle lane or pavement.

What you need to know
e-scooters are classed as Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEVs), which means t­hey are treated as motor vehicles and subject to the same legal requirements, such as driving licence, insurance, number plates, lighting, road tax, crash helmets etc. Without these, e-scooters cannot be used legally on the road.

The Government is currently trialling the use of approved rental e-scooters as environmentally friendly modes of transport in some specific locations in the UK.

For the rest of the country, under current law, e-scooters can only be used on private land.

What should I do now?
It’s our priority to keep you and other road users safe.
We are obliged to take action against anyone who is caught repeatedly using an e-scooter illegally or in a way that causes a nuisance to others. In these circumstances we have the power to seize the e-scooter under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act/165 of the Road Traffic Act – and we’d really prefer not to.

Thank you for cooperating with us today and agreeing not to use your e-scooter on a road, cycle lane or pavement.

From now on, please make sure you only use your e-scooter on private land.
For more information about powered transporters and the law, visit www.gov.uk

For more information about policing in our area, visit www.kent.police.uk


This information will also be displayed in poster format on the village noticeboard outside Bapchild Village Hall.

Parish Clerk